Know How to Retrieve Files from Formatted Drive

Hard drives are the storage devices on your system that stores and retrieves digital information using rapidly rotating disc covered with the magnetic material. Dividing this hard drive into partitions enables you to categorize files that make to access files easier. Operating system allows you to divide the hard drive into number of partitions so … [Read more…]

Effective Way to Retrieve Files from Memory Card after Format

Many of us use memory card to store important photos, video files, audio clips, and other files. Memory card is employed in different electronic gadgets like camcorders, digital cameras, smartphones, iPods, laptops, etc. There are various types of memory card namely Compact Flash card, Secure Digital card, Extreme Digital, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, … [Read more…]

The Best Software to Fix Corrupted PST File

Assume you are doing some task on Outlook PST file at that time your PC is turned off unexpectedly due to some issues and then if you are attempting to utilize that PST file, it refuses to unlock and you don’t know accurately what the issues behind this type of situations. Many PST file users … [Read more…]

Efficient Tool to Fix Corrupted WinRAR File

WinRAR is becoming a credit application which is often used for easiest compression process of large sized files. These compressed files get stored on WinRAR application as .rar extendable. When you wish to gain access to these files, you need to extract most of the files using this RAR files. In few cases you could … [Read more…]

Tool to Restore Data from Formatted Memory Card

Formatted Memory Card Recovery software is a reliable and professional tool that can easily recover data from formatted memory card. This tool can easily recover formatted memory card data from following memory card manufacturers like Canon, SanDisk, Panasonic, Transcend etc.This memory card recovery tool also allows to recover the data from reformatted and repartitioned memory … [Read more…]

How to Recover Deleted Files

“I was transferring a few files from my computer to an external drive and I ended up deleting the files accidentally. I now want to get these deleted files back from my hard drive so is it even possible to recover deleted files from a hard drive?” Of course, you can easily recover deleted files … [Read more…]

Effective Way to Recover Office Files

Microsoft Office is generally used application in many organizations throughout the globe. Microsoft Office suite includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, OneNote, and different economical tools to assist users to hold out their everyday activities. People create use of those MS Office tools to perform various tasks, like Word to form resumes or project documentation; … [Read more…]

Easily Recover Data Flash Card

Flash card is a handy and portable device that is mounted on various electronic devices to store data such as audio, video, image etc. Flash card is a removable flash memory card format with diverse brands including PNY, Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston etc. Memory card has a capacity to store several MB to GB. In spite … [Read more…]

Easy Way to Repair a PST File of Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular desktop email applications available nowadays. It is not just an email application. It can be used as a contact manager, task scheduler, meeting organizer, and much more. All your personal data in Outlook is stored in a file having extension PST (Personal Storage Tables). Outlook 2013 is … [Read more…]

Tool to Retrieve Erased Folders on Mac OS X

Mac computer are widely used all over the world due to its advanced features and the services offered by them. Mac operating system is mainly designed and developed to consider the needs of individuals for their personal as well as professional use. Mac OS X stores digital information in form of files on its hard … [Read more…]

Recover Pictures from MMC Memory Card

MMC is abbreviated as Multimedia Card. It is the standard of flash memory card that is used for storing all the media files like pictures, videos, music, songs, etc. Among all these media files, photos play an important role. Photos are the cherished part of everyone’s life that helps in remembering all the past memories. … [Read more…]

Known Ways to Get Back Images after Deletion

Hi people! I own a Nikon DSLR camera and I use a 256GB SanDisk memory card in it to store photos and videos. I don’t have a habit of taking backup of pictures that are stored in the memory card as it has enough memory space. Photos get stored in separate folders based on the … [Read more…]

Eminent Tool to Extract Music Files from Dead iPod

iPod becomes dead is really frustrating for every person who has kept all their precious music files. As this iPod is portable and easy to use, many of you prefer this device to store the music files. But when the situation arises where your iPod goes dead then it is very necessary to know the … [Read more…]

Extraction of Half Downloaded RAR Files

RAR files are basically accustomed to compress large data into single folder, while transferring as well as sending these data through mails will reduce the memory space. RAR files can store virtually any file system such as movies, video clips, photo albums, huge text documents and so on. This RAR files gives you encryption option, … [Read more…]

Command Shift Deleted File Recovery Application

File deletion can be tremendously unbearable when you know that you have lost something more important. Files that are deleted on accident generally find a place inside the Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash Bin folder. Fortunately, all these files can be easily recovered to their original locations. But on some occasion, your files undergo … [Read more…]