File recovery utilities for numerous applications

Computer files on hard drives are generally lost for one of two reasons. Either the disk itself is physically damaged by age or malfunction or the software governing the operation of the computer hard disk has suffered a logic crash. In the case of the latter, all that is needed to recover lost data is … [Read more…]

Undelete data that has been emptied from your recycle bin

Did you know that using Windows operating systems, you can delete files bypassing the recycle bin? You can also delete files permanently using the DOS command prompt. Of course, when document files are deleted using the move or cut command, they also bypass recycle. Files are sometimes deleted without your consent by viruses. And, files … [Read more…]

Electronic mail file restoration has reached a new level

File recovery software has been taken to a new level of expertise with the creation of programs by REMO aimed directly at email recovery. Available on their website at, this fabulous selection of software built to recover deleted emails will rescue data from a variety of mail client systems. Both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook … [Read more…]

Have you lost data through a common PC mistake?

When operating your PC there are dozens of mistakes you could inadvertently make that will cause data to be lost. Even the most conscientious person can accidentally delete a file they needed. Of course, diligence is no protection when an unknown virus slips through the cracks of your firewall. And, data can be corrupted, causing … [Read more…]

Best Mac image recovery software

Photos are something which reminds the memorable moments which people come acros in their day to day life. Photos work as an index in remembering the favored moments. Capturing a photograph is a lot easier than any other time with photographic camera. Since digital camera models are really simple to use and produce high quality … [Read more…]