Calibrate Battery on Windows Laptops

There are a number of factors that affects the laptop battery life. These factors can be the uses of battery, heating, capacity, age and many others. In order to ensure that the Windows laptop battery is working as expected, you should calibrate it on a regular basis. There are some Windows laptops which come with an inbuilt utility which helps you to calibrate your Windows Laptop battery automatically. But in some cases, laptops do not have any inbuilt app. In this difficult situation, you need to calibrate Windows Laptop battery manually.

In general, Laptop battery Manufacturers recommend that calibrating of the laptop battery should be done in every 2-3 months. This process keeps your battery readings perfect. If you don’t follow this or do not want to do this, then you are not too worried about your Windows laptop’s battery readings being completely accurate. Though, if you don’t calibrate your Laptop battery regularly, then you may finally find your laptop unexpectedly dying on you when you are doing work on it without any previous warnings. When such situation arises, it is absolutely time to calibrate the Windows laptop battery.

As the laptop battery was calibrated when it had more power involves letting the laptop battery run from 100% capacity instantly down to almost dead, then charging it back to full. The battery power meter will see how long the laptop battery last and get a much more correct idea of how much power the battery has left.

How to Manually Calibrate a Battery?

  • In order to Calibrate Windows laptop battery, you need to charge it up to 100 percent.
  • After that let the battery rest for at least two hours and leave the laptop plugged in. It will guarantee that laptop battery is not charging and cool. During this process, you can use laptop normally.
  • After this, you need to go laptop’s power management settings and set it to automatically sleep at 5% battery.
  • Disconnected the power plug and leave it for discharging until it automatically goes to sleep mode.
  • Wait for the next five hours so that laptop automatically gets down.
  • Now connect the charge back into the outlet and charge it to hundred percent. During this charging process, you can use it normally.
  • Here you need to ensure that any power management settings on Windows laptop are set to their standard values.