Know how to use WhatsApp on Windows PC

WhatsApp is the most effective and popular messenger used throughout the world. It is for both personal and professional requirement. In WhatsApp you can freely send messages to your friends, family members, co-workers, etc only when your mobile is connected with internet. You can attach media files in WhatsApp such as image files, video files … [Read more…]

An Effective Windows 10 Folder Recovery Software

Microsoft introduces various versions of Windows OS including Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 & server 2008, etc. Among those Windows 10 is the latest operating system. It has so many new features compared to previous versions. It delivers one way platform to different devices like tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc. … [Read more…]

How to Recover Deleted Partition on Windows and Mac?

“Hello friends! I need your help because yesterday night I lost my one of the most important partitions during installation process of Windows 8 on my Computer. All those files which are available on that partition is very important for me. So if you have any idea about recovery process of deleted partition on Windows … [Read more…]

Easy Way to Recover Deleted Folders or Files

Want to recover deleted files? Pictures are considered as the most valued piece for family, community or business, history. The reason behind this is it links the present to the past, no matter what it is. People are generally in a habit of taking pictures. Everyone loves to take pictures to keep memories. At some instances, these … [Read more…]

How to Perform iPod Data Recovery

IPod is a portable media player device. Nowadays it is most fashionable and ultra-modern gadget of the 21st century, therefore people are quite addicted to it. Like other digital music player, iPods also serves as external storage device to store media files like mp3 songs, videos, movies, wallpapers, etc. the iPod is designed and marked … [Read more…]

Command Shift Deleted File Recovery Application

File deletion can be tremendously unbearable when you know that you have lost something more important. Files that are deleted on accident generally find a place inside the Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash Bin folder. Fortunately, all these files can be easily recovered to their original locations. But on some occasion, your files undergo … [Read more…]

Get Top Rated File Recovery Tool Now

Imperative document files are required to be preserved for long duration. But, unluckily most of the users finish up in annoying situation of file loss. Today most of the business is totally depending on the computers. Loss of data issues are the main weakness of the computers for the consumers. MS Office is the foremost … [Read more…]

Rescue Erased Files from Computer

It is possible to save any files including official files, project files, music files, documentary files such as word and excel, etc based upon their date, size, file name and file type on specific computer hard disk drive. For the organized arrangement, you may keep these files over a hard disk to access them easily. … [Read more…]

Get Back the Files After Factory Reset

The computer stores and maintains the data in it easily. The computer ensures you data security. This is possible with the features on the computer hard drive like partition. Data will be secure on the drives of the hard drive of the computer. It provides you lots of notable features like making partition on the … [Read more…]

Guidelines to Recover RAR Files on Windows

What happen, if system is attacked by biggest stuff like virus or malwares? Simply it’ll delete all stored files, documents from system including multimedia files like audio file, video file, photos, Windows programs, etc. As well as such virus disable the Windows task manager, search option of Windows OS and leaves your files from system … [Read more…]

How to get back deleted files

If a file is deleted from your hard drive, the content from this file will not be destroyed immediately. Windows simply marks this space as free to store new data by altering the information from the file allocation table. If you take immediate action to proceed with undelete process before Windows overwrites, you can get … [Read more…]

Learn how to restore files form hard drive?

The simplest way to restore deleted or lost files is simply by employing some reliable third party data recovery software. There are many data recovery tools which are highly reviewed by skilled professionals and are easily available in the market. One such software is easy file recovery tool which can retrieve files from the hard … [Read more…]

How to recover deleted files from Mac?

You may be using a good memory hard drive for storing the important data, movies, office files and many more other stuffs, but most of the times it happens that the hard drive gets corrupted in the form of its life likely to be end, well if that’s the situation & you have left with … [Read more…]

How to recoup data from lost partition

Harddrive plays a crucial role within the computer as it’s the medium to save the data. The hard disk just isn’t lacking any introduction because it is the most common and favorite device used around the globe. There are numerous categories through which data can be saved for example there are external hard drive, USB … [Read more…]

Way to recover FAT file system

The key issue with pc is to manage files stored on different types of file system on your computer. The various elements of data which can be stored for the computer’s hard disk drive storage product is user is going to begin using these files in frequent manner and the task of storing files in … [Read more…]

How to recover files with ease ?

It is a common misconception that after deleting files by using Shift + Delete or by emptying recycle bin, people think that deleted file is permanently erased from the hard drive. No, it is not so. When you delete a file from recycle bin, only the reference of that file is deleted but not the … [Read more…]

Hard drive service in Princeton for all of New Jersey

Years ago a typical computer hard drive held only around 200 megabytes of storage. The rotating platters were large and the hardware was very repairable. In fact most any computer repair guy could get your hard drive up and running. Today in the age of terabyte hard disks and RAID server arrays hard disk repair … [Read more…]