Innovative Outlook Express DBX recovery tools

Outlook Express comes bundled with Internet Explorer. As such it is the most popular email client in the world. It is free, efficient and seldom fails. But from time to time Outlook Express messages can go missing. Where have they gone? Usually they simply fail to load due to missing file data. Express files are … [Read more…]

A solution to quickly recover data from your HDD

Do you have a hard drive that has crashed and taken with it valuable information. If your files are frozen in endless loop of blue screens and error messages their is a way to easily recover data and retrieve lost files. There is no need to ship your hard drive off for repair as powerful … [Read more…]

Permanent removal of unwanted digital data

What is data shredding? Data shredding or file erasing is a process by which digitally stored information can be broken down to it’s base components and in a sense descrambled into an unrecognizable format. This process is accomplished with software that must exceed the standards of DoD US. An example of such a program is … [Read more…]

Restore partition information for any Windows format

Computers sold within the last five years using the Windows operating system all rely upon the Network Technology File System or NTFS for short. This system superseded Windows File Allocation Tables or FAT systems. Both of these methods for sectioning digital information are prone to similar errors. In particular, they are apt to have files … [Read more…]

Undelete data that has been emptied from your recycle bin

Did you know that using Windows operating systems, you can delete files bypassing the recycle bin? You can also delete files permanently using the DOS command prompt. Of course, when document files are deleted using the move or cut command, they also bypass recycle. Files are sometimes deleted without your consent by viruses. And, files … [Read more…]

Electronic mail file restoration has reached a new level

File recovery software has been taken to a new level of expertise with the creation of programs by REMO aimed directly at email recovery. Available on their website at, this fabulous selection of software built to recover deleted emails will rescue data from a variety of mail client systems. Both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook … [Read more…]