Eminent Tool to Extract Music Files from Dead iPod

iPod becomes dead is really frustrating for every person who has kept all their precious music files. As this iPod is portable and easy to use, many of you prefer this device to store the music files. But when the situation arises where your iPod goes dead then it is very necessary to know the … [Read more…]

How to undelete iPod files

Nowadays iPods are becoming most popular device to listen music because of its convenience anywhere and everywhere to refresh your mood. IPods are portable device can be carried to everywhere; it was first launched and marketed by Apple Inc. The range of iPod varies from 2 GB to 160 GB; it stores the media files … [Read more…]

Tool to regain deleted files from iPods

iPod is one of the most exploited flexible media player all over the globe. It is used to store huge amount of music files, video files, pictures, etc It also provides lot of advantageous features to its users, today there is availability of various brands of iPods which are integrated with internet browsing, music player, … [Read more…]

How to recover songs from iPod?

Generally users of ipod have a self-acclaimed belief that when any file is deleted from ipod it can never be recovered, but this is not true. Whenever any file is deleted from ipod only pointer to that file is erased i.e. path to storage location is wiped out. This concept is valid for any storage … [Read more…]

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPod?

Many of you who use iPod install iTunes software on your Mac computer. This iTune application helps you to upload music files, video files, photos onto an iPod. Suppose, you connected your iPod to the Mac system and synchronizing the Photo files. During this process, accidentally you click on the restore option which is provided … [Read more…]

Recover photo with iPod recovery software

Music is something which can be liked around the globe. Somebody can make it their hobby, somebody enjoys it as past time activity, somebody hears reduce stress and for relaxation also. People store it in numerous mediums for example laptop or computer, laptops, pc tablet, mobiles, iPods etc. these storage systems are equipped for storing … [Read more…]