Perform My Photo Recovery in Few Simple Steps

“Hello friends! Last Sunday when I was performing some image files transferring task, then due to low battery, my laptop got shutdown abruptly. When I restarted my laptop, I saw many of the image files were missing of the storage device. All those image files are very important for me and I have no back … [Read more…]

Recover Pictures from MMC Memory Card

MMC is abbreviated as Multimedia Card. It is the standard of flash memory card that is used for storing all the media files like pictures, videos, music, songs, etc. Among all these media files, photos play an important role. Photos are the cherished part of everyone’s life that helps in remembering all the past memories. … [Read more…]

Known Ways to Get Back Images after Deletion

Hi people! I own a Nikon DSLR camera and I use a 256GB SanDisk memory card in it to store photos and videos. I don’t have a habit of taking backup of pictures that are stored in the memory card as it has enough memory space. Photos get stored in separate folders based on the … [Read more…]

Effective way to Retrieve Deleted Picture

Now-a-days most of the individuals make use of their respective devices such as digital Cameras, Android Smartphones etc. to capture images, record videos etc. which, consecutively get stored in a memory Card. These help them in memorizing their special and precious moments at anytime and feel wonderful! The photo files are considered as more than … [Read more…]

Way to retrieve delete or lost photos

Photos are the images of happiest moments in one’s life. They play an important role in rewinding them. Earlier traditional cameras with reels were utilized to capture photos; it had been very tedious and lengthy procedure to process these images. Presently there are digital cameras which have reduced the work of processing the photographs. It’ll … [Read more…]

How to recover files from SD card?

SD card is a non-volatile memory card which is widely used in digital cameras, mobile phones, music players, laptops, etc. It is very compact and portable device. SD (Secure Digital), mini SD and micro SD cards are some of the various types of SD cards available in the market. SD cards are mainly used to … [Read more…]