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Driver 2 Cheat Codes


Get out of your car and while next to the meter press triangle. Put in the code "NPXMHD" (disc bonus code 6778). Put in TKDSGHLB for the code (discs with bonus code 1171). Go to the side with all the hot dog stands. http://wsefaq.com/driver-2/driver-2-unlock-all-cities-cheat-codes.php

At the end of the off-ramp, make a U-turn and follow the street between the on and off ramps. Turn left there to find a building with a garage door and a regular door. Drive head on into it at full speed. EditSecret Areas Some areas of the city are hidden, or inaccessible until Tanner has performed a certain action. http://www.cheatcc.com/psx/codes/driver2.html

Driver 2 Cheat Codes

Put in the code "IFFFLG" (disc bonus code 1215). Why the Switch’s Game Library is Awesome It’s Time to Talk About Replay Value The New Hotness of Need for Speed Can VR Save Half-Life 3? Its blue, enormous and a monster to park.

  1. After you do that, go to "Take a ride" in the menu.
  2. View credits Put in the code "CREDITS" (any disc bonus code).
  3. Drive Police Cars and Fire Trucks Its says in the instruction booklet that you cant drive police cars but if you find one parked along the road walk up and press
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  5. The game should tell you that you've unlocked a secret area.
  6. Mini There is a secret in Havana too.
  7. While it is loading, hold L1+L2+O+Square.
  8. Put in the code "SAFYMT" (disc bonus code 9881).

Now go back the way you came and there will be an open gate in front of the road. It is black with white windows. Put in the code "DJEWCM" (disc bonus code 3588). Driver 1 Cheats Ps1 There on the left side is a swith that is hidden in the wall of the building on the left side of the part sticking out.

All Guides Hundreds of full guides More Walkthroughs Thousands of files Cheats, Hints and CodesGreat tips and tricks Questions and AnswersAsk questions, find answers Latest News & ArticlesLatest game talk VideosNew Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities All Cars Beat Undercover mode. You'll see blue and green people walking on the road. Submitted by: alexander on Dec 03, 2007 Verified by: Arthur35 Verify this cheat Report a problem with this cheat walk in crowd in the wrigleyville stadium first go to the door

Put in RZQXXYMT for the code (discs with bonus code 4494). Driver 2 Secret Cars Go to the Ghost Town in Vegas. There will be a guard standing at the doors, go to him and press triangle and he will supply you with a key. Press Triangle to open a secret area.

Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities

Put in the code "FNJYHY" (disc bonus code 1785). see it here The switch is on your right, next to the fence. Driver 2 Cheat Codes Do not let the truck get to to far ahead or do not get to far from him and you will lose him. Driver 2 Gameshark Codes Just before the tunnel is a road on your left.

Glitches We have no glitches for Driver 2 yet. Check This Out Put in the code "FNJZNF" (disc bonus code 9881). Soon, when the hole under the onramp is about as big as you, you'll go on top of the onramp automatically, which is back in game bounds! Also when you play the last level the chopper will follow the same route everytime you restart because it always end up where the road has a dead end. Driver 2 Invincibility Cheat

Put in the code "ZROOOY" (disc bonus code 1298). When a secret game is unlocked, it becomes available from the Main Menu. The bigger vehicles take more memory in the game so there can only be one at a time]. Source Put in the code "TMYXMF" (disc bonus code 1298).

Move backwards but not to much. Driver 2 Secret City The Mario Crossover Just Crazy Enough to Work Why We Miss Metroid More Special Features... Stop The Truck On the mission stop the truck, you got to drive on the other side of the road because a man is throwing bombs out the back.

Make sure you have as many cars as possible as these race are tricky and you will need a balanced car.

Tip 2: Do not press triangle at the back of the seat, otherwise, your character might go far and sit on nothing. Put in the code "ODCJPY" (disc bonus code 6471). Put in VWXUQPNS for the code (discs with bonus code 4494). Driver 2 Level Skip Cheat Read the full guide...

Strategy Guide Created by: Christiaan Bakker.

The only cars are parked and have lonely people inside them, so steal the car and frighten them off!Note: This might not work! Chicago- Fire Engine Go to the airport area (Right of map) find a Fire Engine, press triangle on the door and get in. Cheats should be accessible from the Main Menu under "Gameplay -> Secrets". have a peek here Put in the code "NIQRTQ" (disc bonus code 8224).

Sports Car in Havana Drive to the tunnel at the west part of the city. Submitted by: Muskaman on Jan 07, 2002 Verified by: Yergin, Black Jones Verify this Report this Sit on a chair! The Mini should be a selection. PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar Unlock all Default Championships & Cars Put in RZUDIVLI for the code (discs with bonus code 0194).

Sony should be ashamed Previous Poll Results News PS4 Xbox One Wii U PS3 Xbox 360 Wii PS2 PC Facebook PSP GBA Other Systems Android Dreamcast Game Boy GameCube Put in WVUMRQMJ for the code (discs with bonus code 8426). Put in LRCHMRVV for the code (discs with bonus code 1335). Xbox, PC | Submitted by Thomas M.

Bonus games Secret game one in Rio Turn your car around, follow the street to the end, and turn right. Put in the code "IHHORZ" (disc bonus code 9881). Put in the code "FGZASO" (disc bonus code 7208). Put in the code "LJQZEL" (disc bonus code 2569).

Put in CJYXKYMO for the code (discs with bonus code 4571). Put in the code "VKRDLS" (disc bonus code 1215). How Nerd Culture Is Taking Over Can Gaming Finally Sell 4K to the Masses? Lose the cops in Chicago When you are driving around like a mad man, then the cops come straight after you!

Put in the code "DAMAGE" (any disc bonus code).