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Forsaken_Hitman, Jun 8, 2006 Jak_Phreak ...What? inside will be your new 40's looking black roadster with pink flames enjoy DRIV3R Easter Eggs PS2 | Submitted by Benji The Lizard Stuntman Arcade Game Go to Nice, then drive As he has a lot of health, it is best to try killing him from behind, or anytime he can't see you. Follow the #5 Timmy steps.

PS2 | Submitted by Calum Tait Be Invincible Go to the main menu and press Square, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2, R2. Go inside and turn right. You will be in a room with your Weapons and four Health Boxes. Sign up for the GamesRadar+ newsletter to get this FREE 68 page bookazine. + All the latest gaming rumours, pre-release news, reviews & deals GET MY FREE BOOKAZINE No spam, we http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/driv3r-random-junk-and-easter-eggs.119355516/

manudcx 144,257 views 3:46 Glitches, Easter eggs and fun things in Driver San Fransisco - Duration: 10:12. You can then turn left again and go straight until you cross over the highway and on a narrow road. In the South-East corner (bottom right) of the peninsula there is a mini-peninsula with no mapped roads (its green and shaped like a crooked arrow-head), go there. However, go past his, area and follow the street.

DeNnYbOy152 20,950 views 7:19 Driv3r Glitch PS2 (Quality Remake!) Beta/Secret Island in Miami + Bonus Beta Havana Glitch - Duration: 16:01. Choose the farthest left starting point and turn right on the main road (the road near the ocean). City in ChaosPress L2, Right, L1, Triangle, Ri.. Unsubscribe from DnBlast?

They are like Tommy Vercettis, and Reflections made this because Tommy could not swim and he was very aggressiv. Use a handgun to shatter the window to make an entrance. Tanner aiming at the Timmy on the eastern dock.

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After a small drop, your vehicle will land on a wooden roof. Go straight until you reached a part with on your left with narrow roads, a ramp leading to the top of buildings and more. Now if your timing is perfect, the bike will keep honking every now and then even though no one is near it. Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar Get All Vehicles Go to the main menu and press X, X, Y, Y, L, R, L.

Retrieved from "http://driv3r.wikia.com/wiki/Timmy_Vermicelli?oldid=4610" Ad blocker interference detected! http://drivermadness.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=443 Latest Team PostsWhat new on the Teams forums Pokemon Pokémon HubFind it all PokédexAll the stats Pokémon ForumsGet help and find friends Pokemon News and updatesKeep informed and updated Pokemon GO Yorpie 166,051 views 17:06 Driver: Parallel Lines - FINAL MISSION - Corrigan (HD) - Duration: 10:43. You can also go under the underpass and turn left.

This Timmy is on the train yard. Tanner near the Timmy of the church. Jump onto the car and jump over the rail. You will see the tower.

You will pass a building. Go there to where the beggining of that mission took place. Wander the mall and you'll see a Amusement shop, but it's covered in glass. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads More...

Once you are on that road you will see a faint road on the right with two entrances to it. All of Google. IGN Boards Boards > Gaming > Individual Gaming Boards > Archived Game Boards > Driver > Driv3r random junk and easter eggs > Driv3r random junk and easter eggs Discussion in

This Timmy is actually inside your safehouse near Seraglio Point!

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar Get All Missions Go to the main menu and press L1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Circle.
  • Make your way to the top of the hill and there will be a cafe area.
  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar Get All Missions Go to the main menu and press X, X, Y, Y, R, R, L.
  • Grand Theft Auto - The Secret Easter Egg of Timmy Vermicelli/Tommy Vercetti! (GTA) - Duration: 5:40.
  • Then turn left on a small, narrow road.
  • Have you played the Miami mission "Impress Lomaz"?
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Tanner outside the hut on stilts in the western dock area. Follow the path until you find a dirt/grass road on your right. When you begin, make a U-turn and go up the ramp-like part slowly (going fast damages the car, and sometimes you may not be able to make it up). Run on the grass until you see a building with an opening.

Timmy is in the Gold Coast Hotel. Timmy is on top of this building, and will shoot at you. If you knock down the fences by a vehicle, the Timmy will, at first, be on the roof of a building. Enter through the driveway and walk to the right side of the lawn.

An man and an clad woman, prehaps they were making love, I dont know, but its notable. When you begin, make a U-turn and follow the other route (with the trolley paths). When you begin, go straight and turn right at the second intersection under the highway. Because the building is quite a distance from the road, Timmy can't see you; you must shoot him for him to see you.

Inside the house is a Timmy.