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When you get near to the objective point you should see a bunch of buildings with an opening to turn into right before them. Drive in the direction the enemy car came from and this is basically a obstacle course avoid cars/trucks that will get in your way while making your way through the shipping You see the Four square formation below it you need to drive to the lower left corner of the lower right square. Follow this road avoiding traffic and you will see her go through a little park to the left. http://wsefaq.com/driver-3/driver-3-mission-11.php

Go up the stairs and to the left. Run to the nearest sports car to you and jump in. Stop near to where the red arrow is and get out of the boat (L1 again). This feature is not available right now.

Working... Drive through it and follow the road alongside the train tracks. Look at the words "Rade De Villefranche-Sur-Mer" on the map and line it up with the top of the screen. Scene 2.

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  2. You will see a sidewalk going straight.
  3. If you do this fast enough you should make it to the objective point with about seven seconds to spare. ----------------------- ####################### ----------------------- Mission 6: "Booby Trap" ----------------------- ####################### ----------------------- Difficulty:
  4. Go through the gate you see up ahead and then around the building in front of you to the left of it.
  5. Go into it's parking lot and into the doorway with the "Gate" sign over it.
  6. To get rid of your tail get out of your car and shoot the driver of the chasing car.
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Go to your left and you will see a doorway to your left Timmy is in there. 10. Go in the door and shoot the first guy you see in the head. Half way to the objective point you will be called. The truck that was following behind you when you first started should just about be passing this ramp when you get up it.

Give him a headshot and drop down into that hole using the ledges (like in max Payne 2). Timmy is on the roof of one of the abandon buildings you can see in front of you to the right. Willzyyy 1,311 viewsNew 13:14 Driver: Parallel Lines - FINAL MISSION - Corrigan (HD) - Duration: 10:43.

YOu now have two more options: A.

Sign in 55 Loading... Shoot the guys that you find here on this floor and go out through the opening on the far right of this floor you will find more guys here and a Right below where it says "Little Havana". Look at your map and drive across the bridge that is to the closest to the left of the word "Miami".

Grab the first aid kit to the right before you go onto the roof. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/driv3r-walkthrough/1100-6103249/ Especially, if you find any game stopping glitches that you may encounter. Timmy Vermicelli - Istanbul, Turkey X. Quickly get out of the forklift and head for the ladder to your left.

Go inside the building. this contact form There will be a warehouse type building to your right as you go into parking lot area. Head for the Objective point. When you come up to a road block just move towards it in a zig zag (left/right motion) type motion to avoid being shot and knock cars out of the way

Get on the big yacht and shoot the guys that come down on each stair case on both sides of you. 2. Drive to where that big street ends at that oval/rectangular shaped road. Go left at the next intersection on your map and follow this to the dirt parking lot with the red arrow. 3. have a peek here Drive the truck towards the Objective point.

You will see a street going straight slightly to your left go down that street and make a right at the first street you come to down that street. Timmy is in that building. 05. This is a completely legitimate game.

Go into the back of tanner's place and jump into the water at the dock.

When you get onto the street turn right and right on the street that comes up almost right away. Use the doorway you came out of as cover and just slighly peek out just enough to target and aim at him and anyone else you can shoot. *************** B. You will see a path just slightly to your left that leads out of the backyard. ZMOONCHILDdriver 4,173 views 11:49 Loading more suggestions...

This is mostly a Timmy Vermicelli & Secret Vehicle (Locations) Guide however, If you have something you'd like to add about the Take A Ride/Free Roam part of it you can Go up the stairs of a warehouse building and Timmy is on a ledge in this building that encircles over the empty warehouse floor. 4. After that sharp turn you will need to make another one right away to the left. 4. http://wsefaq.com/driver-3/driver-3-mission-4.php Oh wait, she is just as bad she does shoot you in the back if you are in front of her.

Turn left onto the street and then all you need to do is follow the truck avoiding the bombs it throws at you. Drive over the sand/dirt mounds and go through the building here. There is a second first aid kit behind those three guys you killed also. Go over to the window with the arrow over it.

Try not to move the crate in the back of the truck too much. Follow the truck and I'll give you two choices here: A. Go up the driveway that leads to that Red X and get out of the car when you are in front of tanner's place. After putting in the Cheats Go to Options and the Cheats to turn off or on the various cheats that you have entered. ============================================================================= 00000000000000000000 0 III.

You get to chase and shoot at the same time. Go in the door that guy is guarding in that dark corner and down the stairs. If you do not make it over the bridge before it raises you will need to lower the bridge. Scene 2.

Please try again later. You should line it up like above on the map screen.