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When you see the light you should then time your shots. Go in for one person to run down the stairs. You can jump up certain small walls and jump over fences so use that whenever you're in a gun fight with the cops. 3. Submitted by: anonymous on Aug 14, 2008 Verified by: gamesaucer Verify this cheat Report this Race against the Go-Kart in any car Ok so you need start in Miami. Source

When you get there just walk in and you will go into a short cut scene. The next guard will come after you from the left. Reminds me of Knight Rider too. Sane Trilogy Review Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Review Top 10 Worst Rewards in Video Games Artboard 6 Artboard 6 Copy Artboard 6 Copy 4 Artboard 6 Copy 6 0:00 0:00 Artboard

Home Contact Advertising Back To Top Skip navigation AESign inSearch Loading... Kill the person in the next room. One guarding the stairs and the other crouching behind a vent. Walk outside for a checkpoint.

  1. Go forwards until you see a brick building with an M on top.
  2. Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents (Walkthrough) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -2.1 Miami -2.11 Police HQ -2.12 Lead on Baccus -2.13 The Siege -2.14 The Rooftops -2.15 Impress Lomaz -2.16 Gator's Yacht -2.17 Trapped
  3. You can jump up on this raised ridge, and then, walking on it, go left, around the container.
  4. I recommend you just quickly shoot at the refrigerator because there are enough wine bottles in there to fill up about half the meter.
  5. From there you should turn around and go to your left side of the road.
  6. Stay on the left tracks because a train will come straight at you if you go to the right tracks.

Follow the exit signs until you finally get out. Go straight to Gator's yacht pretty much south- south-east (SSE) of your house. Please do not use this box to ask a question, it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. Go to the map section to find the general location of each Timmy.

Questions? When you get it drive your car into the truck. Driving Controls: Control: Action: Left analog stick Steering Left/right directional buttons Steering Right analog stick (up/down) Accelerate/Brake/Reverse X Button Accelerate Square Button Brake/Reverse Triangle Button Handbrake (e-brake) Circle Button Burnout L1

Go up to it with your boat and get on the little dock.

Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. After you've decided keep going to where that first person hid. Now go to the stairs but don't go down, instead go to the ledge and shoot at the two guards down there. Story/Characters 10.

Kill them and plant the bomb. http://www.gamesradar.com/cheats/17875/ Go to the other end and kill the last person. If you can drive good with the motorcycle then just go ahead and start. There will be large groups of people coming out here.

Now go out onto the roof. This mission lasts about 3 minutes if you were wondering. --------------------------------------- 2.13 - The Siege --------------------------------------- This is a reason they get you used to the guns. The car is in here. You start in your car so just start peeling out from the start.

I don't need any more sent in messages saying where they are. There will be one by the crates and one in a building. Continue on the catwalk until you reach the room marked 'Gate Control'. have a peek here Once it's all smashed, head back to the starting point (the green dot).

Rate answer: 0 0 | REPORT Click here to comment on this answer Guest answered: Added 28th Oct 2012, ID #547293 Use a Try to predict what turns the truck will make next. Jericho gets out and now it's time to chase after him and shoot at all the guards that get in your way. ***Alternate Approach*** First, floor it until you see that

Only take it if one is heavily damaged but you don't have to.

I will give credit by listing everybody's name. Go down to Zeego's and wait for Lomaz to get out. Rate answer: 1 0 | REPORT Click here to comment on this answer madgerald answered: Added 11th Oct 2004, ID #18105 Just shoot NostalgiaGamesProd 22,266 views 5:39 Loading more suggestions...

Now that you're ahead of the train it's very easy. There will be two guards that come out of the car. Go to the right side of the door for health and then run up the stairs. You start the game in Miami although the movie shows you in Istanbul.

Get used to riding the motorcycles. Go into the first door because you can't go any higher. Jump onto the crate and then from there jump onto the next walkway. To get the car out of the depot, you have to follow the train tracks west and there will be an opening in the brock wall.

Start off going into your boat. Drive towards a delivery van, approaching it from the back, and ram it. ZMOONCHILDdriver 47,245 views 14:23 DRIV3R PS2 Walkthrough Mission 3 - The Siege - Duration: 6:43. Run through the last door and go into the elevator for a quick cut scene.

If you are having difficulty locating the next arrow, use the side look feature to check out what's on either side of the car. Go around the front side of the yacht from a distance. turn around, and make your way to the end of the road, turn left towards the highway and start driving on the wrong side of the road.Now, once you see a Stay on the car and then crouch and keep shooting at it.

Shoot them, continue on, and you find two more baddies on your left these are the same two baddies from the normal walkthough, just before you get to the car. -Submitted To the left (north) of this there is a road leading to the fire department garage. Submitted by: gamesaucer on Jul 13, 2010 Verify this Report this Miami Underworld & Miami Rooftops PART A : UnderworldTake the Miami gokart, start next to the Miami monorail and drive When you get pretty close to the dot, go on the red pathway on the left side of the street.

Before going over the bridge, turn right and drive under the monorail tracks. It will not always work, but sometimes the truck will use it as a ramp and jump straight over it.