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the whole thing was on wheels in a 19" rack that was about waist tall. Yay Commodore!! I remember having one of the fastest computers at LAN parties with friends, so I always had to be the "server". You should make the choice of source. this content

Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP WDM Driver V5.10.0.4010 and Win98Gold WDM Driver V5.10.0 Windows XP 32-bit Graphics Driver for Intel GMA 4500MHD (except for Latitude XT2 Windows XP/2000 Audio Driver for Realtek ALC202 sound Eh.. Typing this on a 3-year-old MacBook Pro, with a 2260Mhz dual-core CPU, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB HD, DVD burner, 250MB of graphics RAM, a 24-bit color flat panel, and probably In 1989 we bought an Acorn Archimedes 420/1, it had 2MiB RAM, 40MB hard drive, powered by an ARM v2. 1992 purchased an Acorn A4, it was a notebook computer that

Identified issues wi Toshiba A60/A65 Series Laptop Realtek AC'97 Audio TOSHIBA e-STUDIO400P PS3 Printer TOSHIBA e-STUDIO6CP PS3 Printer Toshiba/Lexmark Optra M412 PS3 Trident Cyber 9397 Linear Accelerated for PCI (v6.20.7148h) Tron Anonymous My first computer was an Apple ][ -- into which I remember installing scads of socketed memory chips to bring it up to 48K of RAM. My next machine was a VIC20 with 3.4K of RAM - and I bought the cartridge that expanded that to 5.2K. Anonymous My first machine was the Timex/Sinclair 1000 with a staggering 2K RAM, no color, no sound and a membrane keyboard!

Needless to say, this beast wasn't cheap. Although I have to admit to feeling a bit of guilt over all the hardware in landfills and recycling centers that I contributed… I'm glad I got to see the death My company has a hosting division that operates 4 very fast machines with super fast links to the net. VIA 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Adapter driver V3.4.

And a little later, Duke Nukem and Blood. The 16K RAM pack was wobbly, and knocking the machine either lost me my type-in program or the game that took had survived the 5 minutes to load from tape. Jakester When I was in college I had an ELF, but not the one that appears when I search for COSMAC ELF. Anonymous TI 99/4a B/W tv and tape drive nuff said Anonymous If you use a tablet you aren't a real geek.

Anonymous My computers went as such: Commodore VIC20Commodore 64Commodore 128IBM PS/2 70Everything after the PS/2 70 were custom built66MHZ Pentium90MHZ Pentium200MHZ PentiumDual 400MHZ Pentium600MHZ P3750MHZ Athlon1.4GHZ Athlon1.65GHZ Opteron2.4GHZ Intel Quad3.2GHZ Intel The good ole' days… 😛 Bill Swallow My first computer? Realtek ALC655 Audio Driver for Windows 2000/XP Realtek ALC850 AC'97 Driver V5.10.0.5900 WHQL for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & 64bit X Realtek ALC850 AC'97 Driver V5.10.00.5830 for Windows 2000/XP(WHQL)/2003 and Win Realtek ALC850 I bought it with money saved up from working summer jobs on local farms.

Hell, Doctor Who starts again Saturday… There goes another 375 megs… Shane Smith There's ways to compress. Word starts just as fast (or slow). They were apparently worth $5k. By today's standards, it's not much more than an oversized TI83 calculator with slightly more memory.

Somehow, even though they were kept in a filing cabinet, on paper. news I was so sure I would eventually be able to change all my grades at school from my home computer. O Anonymous my uncle in New York sent a cheque over to us in the UK to buy a computer - £2000! Forget the modern PC in comparison, what I can do with something that I can carry unobtrusively all day long is so much more interesting.

Ah, the good(?) old days! '95 was modern times as far as I'm concerned! Of course programs have got much more complex to take advantage of better technology, so they don't always appear to be much faster, as you say. Using photoshop and other heavy tools led me to get a good quality SSD. have a peek at these guys Alex5000 My family had what must surely have been, based on my memory of it, a Heathkit H89 computer that we got in 1979.

I eventually saved up and bought an ATI graphics card for it. running out of space… (Carlin was right… sh*t will grow to fill all available space)… And it's shrinking by the day. The tape recorder was unreliable and often wouldn't load, forcing me to go back and start again and waste more time.

ASUS VIA/S3G KM400A Graphics Driver V6.14.10.0179 with WHQL for Win2000/XP.

Anonymous First computer: my mom's Macintosh SE. But my first pc 400mhz processor 8mbram 400mbhd 2nd 800mhz Compaq presario 32mb ram 12gb hd I have 5 or so laptops now MacBook pro 13 2015 2.5ghz i5 8gb ddr3 It was an Ace 2000. HP Touchpad in my room.

I also remember sysops, Fidonet, clipping notches into floppies so both sides could be used and driving 30 miles to visit the computer store for supplies and to see the latest Had to put the handset into the acoustic coupler quick, before it hung up. I had no modem and no networkcard in it.. check my blog I eventually upgraded that system with a 56k modem and 32mb of ram, and used it to run a proxy server, keeping my laptop connected to the internet for almost 24

You only got sound by alternating the FAST and SLOW commands very quickly. Now I am happy with my Core i8 homebrew box (back on Intel), professional 8Tb QNAP NAS, homebrew Core i5 silent media box, Dell Latitude Core i5 laptop for work and That was used at our family business. My first, initial attempts were entirely random.

Asus VIA MakeRAID Asus VIA RAID v4.30C ASUS VIA Rhine Family Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver V3.53.0.438 for Windows Asus VIA Rhine NIC V3.4. It had three RS-232C serial ports (no parallel) and an 80×25 character green monochrome screen (no graphics as we know it today). Other support resources HP Replacement Parts Check your product warranty Local Service and Support Locator PC Password recovery options for Windows 10 View and manage support agreements Think your Windows 10 An Asus G73JW series, i7, 8 total cores, a 256GB SSD boot drive, 8 GB of ram, 1.5GB Nvidia card driving a 17" display, and a 500GB secondary drive.

I remember one of the first things I did with it was to write a BASIC program to organize my mother's recipes, which, of course, she had no interest in, as Hand wired my first RS-232 cable from my Laser 128 (Apple clone) to my Avatex 1200 baud external modem and wrote my first terminal software myself. The price difference between the two is only about $200, and it’s worth it. Anonymous I still have (somewhere) my Commodore VIC20 that I got in the early '80s, complete with cassette-tape storage, that had been hooked up to the family 13" B&W television set.

If I went back to 1992 to buy what I have today, the RAM would cost me £1m and the HDD a whopping £30m So in relative terms, compared to when At that point, I start saving up and piecing together my own computer. Well, the future is here. Steven Pemberton The one correction I would suggest: saying that a modem is "Obsolete, except for users in very rural areas" misses a point.