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Could be an all nighter. I still have some work to do (presently running VGA graphics... I will let you know how it goes. Due to this abysmal support, I spent a great deal of time locating the proper drivers. http://wsefaq.com/driver-compaq/driver-compaq-presario-56k-df.php

I am not a computer professional but I am very stubborn. Running it gives you more information about what drivers you need. In general, we have located the basic working drivers for all the operating systems listed below. Send me an email whenever you find a driver which works. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=99895

Initially, NT would not boot. (Note that Powerquest does not support NT server with these products as they sell an Enterprise version for that - cost about $500 each; I bought Generally you will find identifications of the manufacturers. It may run in other operating systems but I did not try it in others. I will not explain how to use it here.

At this point, I had drive images of earlier installations of 98 and NT which I read back from my LAN placing them into a newly created partition above XP on Go to the next link and you will find a useful explanation how to use it. put the 98 partition before NT, etc., they will make sense to you as soon as you look at Partition Magic's layout of your hard drive partitions. http://pcitree.de/ I ran this utility fine in Windows 98.

My PC have a little diference about the network controller, mine have the Realtek RT8139/A/B/C/D/8130, and you can find the driver right here: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloads1-3.aspx?keyword=rt8139 Gracias Compadre...vaya con Dios! ******************************* Arden sends Much to my chagrin, I discovered Compaq refuses to support other operating systems than Windows XP Home. I will inform you of any other dead links I find. I kept the XP partition and moved it up about 6.5 GB on my hard drive.

Your webpage is very helpful. With a little ingenuity, I have succeeded in using it despite this limitation. He writes: the 'new' ver 606 didnt work on my 700z amd 1.1; i had to use the 4.51. You may go here to download the proper driver from the chipset manufacturer.

I recommend, finally, making drive images of your various partitions and saving them elsewhere as backups. https://restore.solutions/en/hpcompaqpresario700z/ You could at this point make a drive image of this new XP partition and save it elsewhere. You will end up with a partition of about 4 GB. I, also, give some pointers for maintaining your unit such as backing it up effectively.

These are the latest versions of these products and you need the latest versions to work effectively with XP. see here Finally, if you find a link no longer valid or other error, please email me with the information and hopefully a fix for it. Both 98 and NT worked fine as well as XP. You will find such a list in the system driver listings.

The biggest problem with it arises because it reformats your hard drive when you attempt to install it. This will save you hours if you have to redo this later due to a disk crash or a virus. S3 Graphics has removed this driver from their page and I receive emails that the remaining drivers do not work with Windows 98. this page You must first decide whether to keep XP.

The link for the Win98 network adapter doesn't work but if you go to http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloads1-3.aspx?series=16&Software=True#16Windows you will find it. You should update them from time to time as perhaps once a month. To do this, I recommend the following two software utility products by Powerquest, the same company Compaq uses to package their dismal OEM Windows XP.

Then, proceed as above.

I bought mine to run Windows 98 and NT as a dual boot system. Arden Video Card I have an S3 Graphics Twister card. very ugly) but my modem is up and I'm on the net. This saves you from having to reinstall them if you crash, etc.

Hi Walter, I am writing this on my Compaq Presario 720CA, which is pretty much like your 720US except that I and my computer live in Canada. Now, Microsoft recommends installing 98, then NT, then XP. As a benefit to the user community and with no thanks to Compaq, I decided to list below the links you may use to find these drivers. Get More Info Compaq provides us with a nonstandard OEM version of Windows XP.

However, we lack the driver for Windows NT modem. Then, go to the following link and download PCI Tree. XP had no problem recognizing the partition and booting into it. Hello Walter, My name is Jesus and I'm from Juarez, Mexico, Im writing now right from my Presario 700LA running Win98SE with all the devices running sharp, I want to thank

NT can be a little touchy about recognizing partitions and basic partitions seem to work best. the enginners from COMPAQ tell me about your place!... I store them on my LAN setup on another computer's hard drive. Finally, restore your drive image of XP to its partition.

I, then, used drive image to read back these image files, placing them before XP.