Fastest Recovery of Video Files

Videos are becoming essential part of human life. In simple words, it is said that these can give golden memories to users. These are necessary for them to go back to their older days. Video file types may be MP4, MPG, MOV, MPEG, MPG, etc. The video files could be movies, songs, etc.

What happens when video files deleted due to antivirus scanning? The result is delete. When the file deletes, user have to suffer from removal of such files. To obtain files from different video file deletion factors like unintentional deletion, use of untrusted third party tools, etc. user may have to struggle hard. Then user need to use recover video tool to get back such files from above stated scenarios. As this software ranked first among all available applications, so many people prefer this. This is a widely used program is capable to obtain data from digital video camcorder.

Situations resulting in removal of video files are as follows:

Antivirus scanning: In general, antivirus is used to protect computer from virus. User install antivirus software to scan the drives wherever necessary. This antivirus has the ability to do deep scanning and it erases the malware or virus infected videos. Therefore, it will lead to deletion of such files.

Accidental erasure by using Shift + Delete: When you erase any videos by pressing Shift + Delete, they will not go to recycle bin. Sometimes you may erase such files accidentally while removing unwanted items, it might happen with you in case if you use Shift + Delete key to delete any file. Hence, it brings about video file removal situation.

Deletion of video during transfer: This occurs when you transfer these from USB drive to computer, there might be chances of deletion because while transferring you may accidentally click on delete option instead of send option. Hence, when you experience this situation it will result in removal of such files.

This software is able to perform scanning of drive in case of file deletion situation. This user-friendly tool is responsible to restore deleted videos on computer. This application has the capacity to retrieve data from external drives. It supports both Windows and Mac OS of 32 and 64-bit. The program can be capable to get back data Windows recycle bin whenever they crosses the size limit. It recovers files from various camera models like Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. The tool can have the capability to acquire back files from formatted partitions.

Basic steps to be highlighted to avoid erasure of videos from the computer are:

Check the battery of the camera before taking any video. Be careful while previewing any video file because there may be possibilities of accidental deletion. Always use legal and trusted third party tool to recover files.

Some video recovery steps are mentioned below:

Make an effort to download and install the software on PC. After performing vigorous scanning of deleted video from selected drive, you will be able to view recovered file and save the recovery session. Buy the software and reload the saved session to collect those videos.