File recovery for both the Windows and Linux OS

Currently, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of inexpensive ultra-mini laptop computers. As these have limited RAM and use small solid state hard drives, many of them are being loaded with the Linux operating system. Due to it’s simplistic nature, the Linux system is fast and efficient. It is particularly well suited for spreadsheet work and general number crunching. But, even the simple and sturdy Linux operating system is not beyond the capacity for error. Computers using a Linux system are prone to a corrupted Superblock, a corrupted Inode table and of course, accidental deletion of files and folders. The process of finding and restoring lost data on a Linux system differs completely for Windows recovery.

For Linux recovery, one must have Linux data recovery software. Currently, the best Linux data recovery software available is the REMO program. This simple to use program uses proprietary Turbo Scan technology to find and recover missing Linux files.