Get Back the Files After Factory Reset

The computer stores and maintains the data in it easily. The computer ensures you data security. This is possible with the features on the computer hard drive like partition. Data will be secure on the drives of the hard drive of the computer. It provides you lots of notable features like making partition on the hard drive, having multiple Operating Systems on the computer, Factory Restore, etc. Factory Restore is one of the important functionality on the computer. When you perform this function, the settings on the computer will become as it was when purchased. All the files and software that you had installed or saved on the computer will be removed.

What if you had lost some of the important software installed on the computer? In that situation, you will lose that. The software might be the licensed version of it and you had forgotten about it before restoring factory settings. Do not panic. You can perform file restoration after Factory Restore using recovery software. File Recovery Tool helps you to recover the files effectively.

Some of the scenarios in which you perform factory reset:

  • You may reset factory settings on the storage device when you want to sell the computer to someone else. You can restore the factory settings on the computer if you do not want them to view the software that you have installed.
  • The computer can be reset to factory settings when the system crashes. When you perform the operation, the system will be restored and you will get the access to the computer screen as before.

You can run the Factory Restore using the CD. Insert the CD to the computer and restart the system. Boot the files using the CD. Select restore system to factory default option from the screen of the computer. Now follow few steps to restore factory settings.

Important features of File Recovery Tool:

The File Recovery Tool helps you to restore files after Factory Reset. The software has simple interface and you can easily recover the files. The software supports recovering files from computer using the software. The software supports data recovery from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP OS based computers. The software requires very less space on the computer to be installed. The software helps you even to retrieve files after disk format. The trial version of the software is available. You can preview the recovered files and also save the recovery session to avoid rescanning the drive.

Simple procedure to recover files using File Recovery Tool:

Install the software on the computer and run the software. Select the drive of the computer and proceed to scan it. The software scans the drive to recover the files in it. The particular files can be scanned or you can also scan for all the lost data on the computer. After scanning, the files will be displayed in “File Type View” and “Data Type View”. You can view the files and also sort the files according to date and file type. Save those files back. If you are using the trial version then you need to activate the recovery software to save those files.