Guidelines to Recover RAR Files on Windows

What happen, if system is attacked by biggest stuff like virus or malwares? Simply it’ll delete all stored files, documents from system including multimedia files like audio file, video file, photos, Windows programs, etc. As well as such virus disable the Windows task manager, search option of Windows OS and leaves your files from system in inaccessible state. After happening these things lots of people decide, to format their system hard drive to solve these matter. Only problem you could face, if you don’t possess a backup of files because after formatting of system hard disk your complete stored files from system will get deleted. In such situation you may be puzzled about, whether format system hard disk or not, if format then how to recover my files after formatting of system hard disk?

[Note: As you are all aware Protection is better than cure like; protecting your pc is definitely most suitable choice than attempting to revive your lost or deleted files. So it is always easier to have a backup of your important files from system, therefore it could be restorable when loss of data happens. Always update antivirus program which helps to keep your system become virus free.]

In case of loss of important files from system, you should use the very best Windows file recovery tool. This tool really helps to retrieve all lost and deleted files from the system hard drive. There are  few more prevalent causes of loss of files from system are mentioned below,
Corruption of Master File Table (MFT):  Whole information of hard disk holds within the property Master File Table (MFT) like partition number, partition size, starting time and date stamps, stored content etc. If the MFT file gets corrupt, you are struggling to view or access any stored files from hard disk drive partition, which results in severe loss of data.
• Failure of Windows registry File: Your windows registry is most essential file of Windows OS. This Windows registry file keeps the record of system components, installed applications and it’s settings in the system. If computer windows registry gets damage then you may face sever data loss from Windows OS.
Corruption of File system (FAT & NTFS): Every system hard disk is formatted of FAT or NTFS file system. Such file system helps to hold data inside it. You can find chances of corruption of such file system because of abrupt system termination with the result that you are unable to access stored files from Windows OS.
Damage of Master Boot Record (MBR): Windows OS stores Master Boot Record (MBR) file in the starting sector of the system hard disk drive. MBR file offers the information associated with the Windows system booting process. In case, if MBR file get damage due to virus or malware attack then Windows OS fails to boot due to which you may face severe data loss.

The above explained scenarios would be the worst type of loss of data causes for Windows OS, besides these you can suffer loss of files because of, accidental deletion of files using “Shift +Delete” keys, unintentional formatting of system dive, error while partitioning or repartitioning of drive, crashing of Windows OS, re-installation of Windows OS, unknowingly emptying of recycle bin etc.

In case you are also sufferer of loss of files from Windows system, because of above mentioned scenarios, you’ll be able to go for Windows file recovery tool. This software is a lot more efficient to recuperate RAW files (CR2, CRW, ORF, MRW, etc.), audio recordings (like MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, etc.), Videos (AVI, MOV, MPEG, MPG, etc.), Photos (JPEG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, etc.) along with such multimedia files you can also get back RAR files, ZIP files, Word Files, email achieves, spreadsheets, etc. This software is not only produced for recovery of system hard disk drive but additionally you can retrieve files from other storage devices like SD card, XD card, CF card, MMC card, USB drive, FireWire drive, etc. Windows recovery tool really helps to retrieve your files as well as its creation date, its size, its data format, and it is name in very short period of time. Even though your system hard disk is formatted, partitioned, or corrupted then also this Windows recover file tool helps to recover your files quickly.

Utilization of Windows file recovery tool is the greatest way to recover lost and deleted files from Windows hard disk along with using their company hard drive. This software is available in free demo version you can download and run the tool. If the recovery results of demo version satisfy your expectations, then you can certainly buy the full form of software. This software is user friendly in addition to all steps to recover lost or deleted files are explained in details within the user manual with snapshots. You are able to perform recover file employing this software on all latest versions of Windows like Windows XP/Vista/7.