Here’s Some Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Travel with 2016 Technology

Upgrade the travel with 2016 technologyAs we all familiar with the of tech-savvy travel tools that help us to save our money, plan our trips and share our experiences across the globe. The latest tech innovations go well with the selfie sticks, and ride sharing experiences but this year game-changers include some video-streaming apps that are reinventing some tracking tools that make commuting from one point to another point and some forward thinking hotels staffed with robots.

Now let discuss some latest technologies that upgrade you travel:

  • Pack Smart: The easiest way to ensure smooth and safe travel start with how to pick up perfect luggage. But the most important factor to be considered is how easily your luggage is tracked. So a new NUA Robotics new smart suitcase model is going to be come this year. It has the ability to follow you around and avoid obstacles and runs with the combination of Bluetooth technology and some proximity sensors. In order to reboot the electronic devices the smart bag consists of batteries and also contains alarm system. There are so many smart bags to choose from which are featured with Bluetooth, digital lock, GPS, digital scale, etc.
  • Rely on Google as Your Guide: Google has reshaped some tips by placing a wealth of tech forward apps at your finger trips. After testing so many applications Google revealed two best applications such as Google Now and Popular Times tools. After downloading the Google Now app, you can login to the account and slide the card at the bottom. This will give the information about your current location, weather, landmarks, hotels, etc. The Popular time tool allows the crowd averse travellers to avoid peak visiting days.
  • Find New Angles to Evaluate your Photography: On your next trip instead of capturing your images with your smart phone you may be focused on capturing sky high photos with the drone. Now-a-day’s done photography is raising very fast.
  • Preview and Plan your Trip with Right Apps: there are so many travel app like TripIt which helps you to find upcoming flights, hotel reservations, and other travel details etc. Among those entire applications Facet app is a video based travel inspiration app which helps you to preview the destination before you hit the road.
  • Use High-Tech Hotel Innovations to Your Advantage: Last year a Japanese hotel named Henn-na hotel became the world’s best hotel as it uses the humanoid robots as a staff. The YOTEL New York in Times Square already features some robots which help in carrying luggage. So it gives lot of enjoyment if you stay in such type of innovative hotels.