How to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card

“I formatted the SD card on my phone and lost all data from it. I want the photos from my SD card back so can I recover formatted SD card data back again?”

SD cards are one of the most widely used storage option on cameras and cellphones. SD card slots are provided on almost every multimedia device that is available as of today to let users choose their own memory option for their device. SD cards are available in various storage options such as 1GB, 2GB and so on to match the users requirements.

SD cards are usually inserted into the SD card slot for saving all the data generated on the device. It can save all multimedia files on it such as photos, videos and so on. These files remain on the SD card until you delete them permanently from it. However, the files on your SD card can also be lost due to various other phenomenons. Some of the most common ways of losing files from SD card is due to virus infection, accidental deletion and accidental format of the card.

Accidental formatting is when the user accidentally formats his/her SD card losing all the data from it at once. Formatting should always be done when the user has a backup for all the data that is present on his SD card. However, a few errors in the card may prompt you to format the card in order to access it again which leaves you with no other option other than formatting the card.

However, if you end up formatting your SD card and lose all data from it then there is nothing you have to worry about. By making use of a formatted SD card recovery software you can get back each and every file from your SD card. Yes, all your files regardless of whether you formatted the card accidentally or not can be recovered back.

In this video is a SD card recovery software run on a SD card to show how you can recover formatted SD card data back again.

You can see in the above video how effortlessly one can recover files from formatted SD card with just a SD card recovery software installed on his computer. All a certified SD card recovery tool like the one employed in the above video requires just a few minutes to recover files from a formatted SD card. For recovering data that was lost due to formatting, you need a powerful recovery tool because the data needs to be recovered in its full originality and should never be damaged as it is being recovered.

Only a certified application can do the task of recovering data from a SD card in a safe and professional manner without hanging or crashing. However, you need to ensure that the SD card shouldn’t be used for any purpose after it has been formatted. All the data lost due to formatting will be found in the cards memory and will remain on the card until you don’t write any new data onto it. New data will always overwrite the lost/deleted data in the SD card memory so writing new data after formatting the SD card will only cause the new data to overwrite the lost data. So you end up losing your data that was lost during format. Once you overwrite your data, it is lost permanently from it so to successfully recover formatted SD card data one has to ensure that no new data is written onto the SD card memory after it was formatted.

Notable Features of this Formatted SD Card Recovery Software:

  • With this software, you can recover photos, videos, music files and every other media files from your formatted SD card.
  • It can recover your files in a short period of time and will present you with the files after the formatted SD card recovery is completed.
  • It can recover data from formatted SD cards of all types.
  • You can also use this application to retrieve deleted and lost files from your SD card.