How to Recover Deleted Files

“I was transferring a few files from my computer to an external drive and I ended up deleting the files accidentally. I now want to get these deleted files back from my hard drive so is it even possible to recover deleted files from a hard drive?”

Of course, you can easily recover deleted files from your computer by making use of a deleted file recovery software. All that you need is the software installed on your computer and then run it on your hard drive to recover the deleted files from it.

A hard drive is usually used for saving all of the system as well as users files on it. a hard drive can house any number of files on it and users prefer to save almost all their data including their personal files on their computers hard drive. These files can grow over the years and a hard drive can have thousands of files added to it every year. Most of the users prefer to have a backup for the files that are saved on their hard drive to stay on a safer side during data crises. This is a good move since the hard drives are highly prone to errors and corruption that might cause you to lose data off it at any time.

Losing data off a hard drive can be disastrous if the data wasn’t backed up by the user in prior. However, you can now recover data even if you had no backup for the data that is deleted or lost from your hard drive. As shown in the above video, you can easily perform a file recovery on your computer using a file recovery software and get all your deleted or lost files back in just a matter of minutes.

Files can be lost due to various reasons and the most common ways of losing files is by accidental deletion. Deleted files can be restored but when they are deleted permanently, you need to employ a file recovery software to retrieve the deleted files off the hard drive.

Deleted files aren’t completely deleted off your hard drive after you deleted or lose them. They still reside on the hard drives memory and you can easily restore them back using a file recovery software. However, you need to keep in mind that all the deleted files remain in the hard drive until they are not overwritten by new data which get written onto the hard drive during use. This new data usually overwrites the deleted/lost data in the hard drive memory, so the chances of you losing data is more if you continue to utilize the hard drive after deleting data from it. Once a new set of files overwrite your deleted or lost data then it can never be restored back.

When the drive is not used after losing files from it, then the chances of you performing a full and successful file recovery is guaranteed. For the best results, it is always recommended to make use of a trusted file recovery software like the one used in the tutorial video shown above. With a safe recovery software, you are guaranteed to not lose any data while recovering it or even corrupt the hard drive from which you are recovering data.

A few features that make this deleted file recovery software the most recommended for your computer:

  • It comes with a feature that can recover each and every file off your hard drive because it identifies the highest number of file types that makes sure that none of your files go missing while they are being recovered.
  • It recovers the deleted or lost files from your hard drive in just a matter of minutes and features one of the best user interface that has requires lesser mouse clicks and lesser navigation to perform file recovery on your hard drive.
  • The files recovered can be analyzed by you after the recovery is complete and can be saved to any folder of your choice.
  • It can perform a full file recovery on all versions of Windows and Mac OS.