How to recover deleted files from Mac?

You may be using a good memory hard drive for storing the important data, movies, office files and many more other stuffs, but most of the times it happens that the hard drive gets corrupted in the form of its life likely to be end, well if that’s the situation & you have left with some last minutes for the recovery of data before it really goes black out than there exists a easy freezing out idea that will surely help to recover dead hard drive data. A few of the data loss scenarios from hard drive are the following.

Simultaneous PC reboot: Sometimes, because of power failure, system reboots again and again that might leads to hard disk drive crash. Crashed hard disk becomes entirely inaccessible.

Due to Master boot record corruption: Master Boot Record is a directory file which holds all of the allocation information from the hard drive along with the partition map. Sometimes, it gets corrupt due to virus infection or Operating-system crash. If it gets damage, then entire hard disk becomes inaccessible.

Have you done anything to your dead hard drive after incident for example re-formatting or attempted to access the hard disk through different systems. If you did so, then it may decrease the likelihood of recovery, because in any of the above mentioned scenarios, there are probabilities of hard disk files get overwrite with the new data. If you have not done anything, then you’ll definitely get back all your data from the dead hard drive.

Let us start the recovery with good hope of recovering files. First take out your hard disk from the computer and connect it to a different system as a slave. If you don’t have other working computer, take the hard drive to your friend or relative home in order to perform recovery. After connecting it to system, make sure that it’s listed in My Computer. If it’s not listed, then you will be unable to proceed with the recovery.

You supposed to stick to the below mentioned steps in order to recover the data from your dead hard drive.

1. Launch the installed hard disk recovery software. You’re going to get the various recovery options. Choose the one associated with the hard drive recovery.

2. Software shows the list of available hard disks. Select your corrupt hard disk drive from the list and click on the Next button to continue.

3. Scanning process starts to locate & retrieve the files. When the scan is completed, you will get a list of recovered files. Select any of the file & preview it.

4. If you are satisfied with the recovered results, buy the software and save the recovered files to the spare drive on which you’ve enough space.

With the aid of hard drive recovery software, you are able to recover deleted files from Mac hard drive. You can easily download this software for the recovery results.