How to Recover Deleted Partition on Windows and Mac?

“Hello friends! I need your help because yesterday night I lost my one of the most important partitions during installation process of Windows 8 on my Computer. All those files which are available on that partition is very important for me. So if you have any idea about recovery process of deleted partition on Windows based operating system then please help me.”

CaptureThis is one scenario of partition deletion. Apart from this, there are many other reasons behind the deletion of partition on Windows based OS as well as Mac OS X also. However, whatever may be the reason of partition deletion from any type of operating system. If you are facing this type of problem and searching an efficient and reliable tool to recover deleted partition then you must go with Recover Partition software. This tool is made by our experts group and a smart working algorithm of this tool provides you an easy platform to do your partition recovery task easily on Windows or Mac OS X. Some of the reasons are explained below which may cause the reason behind the deletion of partition on Windows and Mac based operating system.

Some Reasons behind the Deletion of Partition on Windows and Mac:

  • While deleting useless files, sometimes you select other important files and delete accidentally. It causes loss of important files or data. Sometimes, Files has been deleted from Windows and Mac computer by different known or unknown reasons. While getting data from any external drive, if hard drive is eject abruptly this can lead to loss of important data.
  • Sometimes, you would have accidentally delete your important documents on Windows and Mac system. These deleted documents will be moved to recycle bin or Trash folder. Emptying recycle bin and Trash folder without checking at the contents would have caused deletion of your important documents on Mac as well as Windows system.
  • Due to file system corruption, partition may get deleted from Mac and Windows operating system. So, to recover this situation, you can employ to recover deleted partition.
  • During exchange of some files from some external drive like SB drive, flash drive, etc. third party interruption can may damage the partition on Windows and Mac Operating system.

In all of the above circumstances, you can make use of this software in order to retrieve the deleted files or folders. It is a read only tool which helps in recovering data without making any changes to the original file.

Features of recover deleted partition software:

  • This tool has the ability to scan the whole system in few minutes and recover files from the deleted partition.
  • This software has the ability to flatten the recovered file to increase free disk space
  • On the basis of it’s unique signature, this software can restore files from deleted partition on Windows and Mac operating system
  • You can easily preview the recovered files from deleted partition before sorting it
  • By using this software you can easily recovers files from different types of external hard drives like USB, memory card, flash memory cards, FireWire drives etc.