Learn an Easy Way to Start Command Prompt in Windows 10

Windows 10Hi friends, last year 2015 was tremendous in the era of science and technological development as we come up with many new things. Windows 10 was launched by the Microsoft was a memorable for the company and also for users as they really enjoying the advanced feature of this new operating system. Now here in this article, we will like to tell you about the how to start command prompt in Windows 10 as the new operating system has many changes.

When any users come across the Windows 10, then it may be somehow difficult to manage the things. So it is better to know the shortcuts and keys which complete the task directly should be known from various sources. This will help you to perform task easier and in less span of time. By knowing the shortcuts, you may also reduce the effort which needed to apply as you will be doing smart work with Windows 10.

When you talk about the Command Prompt, it is new feature of Windows 10 which can be used to run many tools like CHKDSK, SFC, Ipconfig and many more tools which you will get need during the time of trouble shoot. So let us know steps involved in the starting the Command Prompt on Windows 10.

  • Click the Windows + Xbutton or key from the keyboard of Windows 10 and simultaneously select right click on the start icon.
  • By doing this, you will be appear box on the screen of the Windows 10 in which many options were present. Out of all the option, you need to select for the two options.
  • From the Menu which appear on the left side of the Screen, try to choose the Command Prompt and the other thing which is needed to select is Command prompt but from the different admin.
  • The selection of the Admin Command Prompt is needed when you decide to opt for the Administrator to run your computer and if you like to run as normal users then simply select the Command Prompt.
  • Simply like this for using Command Prompt, there are many other ways which redirect you towards using this Command Prompt on Windows 10. Let us see the other simple way which includes the usage of Command Prompt as a result.
  • Go for the Start menu of Windows 10 machine and then simply start searching for the icon which will be get displayed on the screen when you type the name of the icon
  • Type the Command Prompt in the search bar of the Start menu, same process if you need to run your computer as a normal user, then click for Administrator (1) or else if you are willing to use your computer as Admin then go for Administrator (2).