How to recover files with ease ?

It is a common misconception that after deleting files by using Shift + Delete or by emptying recycle bin, people think that deleted file is permanently erased from the hard drive. No, it is not so. When you delete a file from recycle bin, only the reference of that file is deleted but not the … [Read more…]

How to recover files from SD card?

SD card is a non-volatile memory card which is widely used in digital cameras, mobile phones, music players, laptops, etc. It is very compact and portable device. SD (Secure Digital), mini SD and micro SD cards are some of the various types of SD cards available in the market. SD cards are mainly used to … [Read more…]

Efficient Outlook Backup Software

Backup of Microsoft Outlook PST files are necessary as it copies full PST files of outlook and there after maintaining it on another location or outside the storage device. You will realize the need for backing up PST files or personal storage file, just after the recognition of the fact that PST files contain critical … [Read more…]

Hard drive service in Princeton for all of New Jersey

Years ago a typical computer hard drive held only around 200 megabytes of storage. The rotating platters were large and the hardware was very repairable. In fact most any computer repair guy could get your hard drive up and running. Today in the age of terabyte hard disks and RAID server arrays hard disk repair … [Read more…]

Quality software for salvaging missing or damaged data

Apple Mac computers are incredibly powerful and crash proof… unless they fall victim to sophisticated malware. Malware are programs that slip onto your computers hard drive and systematically destroy your stored files and the programs that make your computer run. This can happen on any computer, using and operating system, even Macs. If you have … [Read more…]

Innovative Outlook Express DBX recovery tools

Outlook Express comes bundled with Internet Explorer. As such it is the most popular email client in the world. It is free, efficient and seldom fails. But from time to time Outlook Express messages can go missing. Where have they gone? Usually they simply fail to load due to missing file data. Express files are … [Read more…]

A solution to quickly recover data from your HDD

Do you have a hard drive that has crashed and taken with it valuable information. If your files are frozen in endless loop of blue screens and error messages their is a way to easily recover data and retrieve lost files. There is no need to ship your hard drive off for repair as powerful … [Read more…]

File recovery for both the Windows and Linux OS

Currently, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of inexpensive ultra-mini laptop computers. As these have limited RAM and use small solid state hard drives, many of them are being loaded with the Linux operating system. Due to it’s simplistic nature, the Linux system is fast and efficient. It is particularly well suited … [Read more…]

Permanent removal of unwanted digital data

What is data shredding? Data shredding or file erasing is a process by which digitally stored information can be broken down to it’s base components and in a sense descrambled into an unrecognizable format. This process is accomplished with software that must exceed the standards of DoD US. An example of such a program is … [Read more…]

Photos can be undeleted regardless of their digital format

REMO, world famous data recovery experts have recently made available a superb program for digital photo recovery. This powerful digital media recovery software was designed and developed to work on computers using Windows 2000, XP and Vista. This unique program to recover deleted photos easily handles memory card recovery supporting popular brand such as the … [Read more…]

Restore partition information for any Windows format

Computers sold within the last five years using the Windows operating system all rely upon the Network Technology File System or NTFS for short. This system superseded Windows File Allocation Tables or FAT systems. Both of these methods for sectioning digital information are prone to similar errors. In particular, they are apt to have files … [Read more…]

File recovery utilities for numerous applications

Computer files on hard drives are generally lost for one of two reasons. Either the disk itself is physically damaged by age or malfunction or the software governing the operation of the computer hard disk has suffered a logic crash. In the case of the latter, all that is needed to recover lost data is … [Read more…]