PST file recovery software

PST file recovery software

Have you deleted any of your files from Microsoft outlook that is essential for you? There are numerous situations through which your email could get deleted from PST file? Getting frustrate after the loss of files is an earlier state but now you will get solutions for this because of the latest technology. If you are looking to recover your deleted emails, the best solution is getting started through corrupt PST recovery software. This is the top application which you can use for deleted or lost email messages, calendar items, folders, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, tasks, journals, and notes from outlook PST file.

Do you know what are the main causes under which PST files can be deleted/lost? Here are some of the most common scenarios which are responsible for the deletion of Outlook items.

  • Ø Accidentally formatting the drive: Formatting the drive deletes each and every file stored on it and then creates new file structure to organize and manage new data. Therefore, accidentally formatted the partition where PST file was located instead of formatting other empty partition.
  • Ø Improper cleanup action: Sometime when you need to delete few particular folders from your partition/drive but unfortunately you have clicked an action to ‘select all’, that leads to delete all your outlook PST folders.
  • Ø Virus attack: virus attack is one of the most common problems, which leads to loss of files. Viruses are destructive programs which are designed to destroy the files. Some viruses can also delete the files when they are executed resulting in loss of files.
  • Ø File system conversion: Sometimes you may want to convert your file system from FAT to NTFS. While converting file system, occasionally your partition may show error messages and leads to loss of PST file along with other files.
  • Ø Dual operating system: When user want to install multiple operating system in the computer. So during the process of installation you may face configuration error and some of the partition information in the partition table may get deleted.

Few guidelines to avoid data loss in future:

  • Ø Regularly backup your data.
  • Ø Using UPS you can avoid data loss due to power outage.
  • Ø Shut down your computer safely to avoid data loss.
  • Ø By using updated antivirus program you can avoid virus attack.

The PST file recover software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems like Windows server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows server 2008. Read only and non destructive tool so that it does not further damage the deleted PST files. By using PST recovery tool you can recover contacts from PST file and restores various outlook attributes like notes, emails, appointments etc. This Outlook PST recovery tool while scanning only reads from the source files and creates a new PST file, this ensure that your original PST file will not be damaged further. The software facilitates you with an outlook styled view of the recovered emails and other attributes.

The PST file recovery software can be obtained in demo version to check its performance. The entire drive/partition can be scanned in few minutes to recover deleted files. If you are satisfied with the result obtained using the demo version then you can purchase the software.