Lost Media File Recovery

My file is not there where I copied it. Is there any way to extract files lost during copying?

I had an essential audio file in my memory stick .Can anyone advise a good mp3 file recovery software?

I recently copied personal files to my ipod nano though the file from the device is missing. What must i do now to go back the file?

Missing a file while copying doesn’t imply that the file is lost permanently it can be due to unsupported file format through the external device. The other possible reasons for file missing are that this file will not be copied properly. The unit could possibly be removed before copy process is completed or power failure during the file transfer or ejection of external device without using the safely remove option .No matter what scenario could be the main thing to be noted could is the deleted or lost file still exist within the external device .It’s possible to recover lost files during copying and also other media files too only up to a certain extent.

What about recovery in Apple products?

In the case of Products released by Apple.Inc such as iPod nano and shuffle the product reset options used to ensure that they can be utilized in other operating systems also because worldwide windows are the leading in OS provider. In once to recoup files from apple devices using windows can be a risky job that are needs to be provided to a good recovery program.

Each time a media file is copied to a external device there occurs file system conversion so that the media file is well accessible by the devices. Commonly the file system utilized by the external storage devices is FAT32. The file missing concern is as a result of in completion of copying process or a process abortion during file transfer. Such time there’s no such option except to choose the recovery utility for recovering the media files.

When will a recovery tool be much efficient and why?

A recovery tool works in the typically unique manner aside from other software programs .It first searches for a particular deleted file or sometimes the complete one it depends upon an individual .Then it will rewrite the index which is taken as a table of content for the OS access to the info .At once the file is available it is saved in an alternative location .so it could be reused .A best recovery tool will be effective at retrieving files even after the progress in file system.

Can there be any notable tool available?

Certainly one of such good tool is mentioned below. The main reason for choosing this there’s an option of recovering mp3 files from iPod shuffle. In iPod shuffle sometimes there appears a controversy among the applications .This problem arises because of the reason when 2 programs cannot run concurrently as a consequence of bugs and resource sharing problem. in such cases you will find high likelihood of mp3 files missing or deletion. This weird thing may be rectified from this tool

Other features for selecting that one is mentioned below.

Recovers media files supported by both Windows and Mac os’s

Recovers media files lost during copying and also files that lost due corruption of applications

It is suitable for most in-demand file systems including FAT, NTFS, extFAT, HFS+ and HFSX etc

Easy downloading and installation procedure doesn’t require any programming knowledge


  • Do not dump the inner or external drive with an increase of data’s which need to become recovered given it may screw up the information permanently.
  • In the truth of ipod itouch user data’s is not recovered from this because it is an improved version of iphones.