Review of Dell XPS 15

The popular XPS 13 laptop is recently designed by Dell which was the smallest laptop on the planet and it measurement is 13.3-inch. A new version-XPS 15 is followed up by the Dell which also the world’s smallest laptop in the size.

dell-xps15-review-keyboard-angle-2-1500x1000Not only 15.6-inch screen is associated with the XPS 15, also touch screen controls and 4K resolution, a discrete Nvidia GPU and a quad-core Core i7 processor are enhanced with it. These laptops are suitable for all the creative and business users who are in need of more powerful laptop to perform the tasks such as high definition video and photo editing.

Edgy design

In display the XPS 15 looks same as the 13-inch stable mate. For the display, same edge to edge glass panel is associated with very narrow black borders that are running around the edges of the screen. For the keyboard panel there is similar matte black finish and the thickness of the XPS 15 is just 17mm, whereas XPS 13 is 15mm. This measurement is pretty good for a 15-inch laptop.

The quality of the build is impeccable and with a comfortable, firm keyboard and a large trackpad. The screen panel is thin and it measures 5mm thick, which is firm enough to provide plenty of support.

The weight of the XPS 15 is heavier when compared with the XPS 13, for our touchscreen review unit Dell quotes 2.0kg, instead of 2.1kg on our scales. One thing is, handling the XPS 15 in one hand is difficult, after all the XPS 15 is lighter and slimmer than other 15-inch laptops that have the same powerful specification.

When equally inevitable is compared with 15-inch MacBook Pro of Apple then the weight, price and size were similar.

4K display

The 4K Ultra HD display is the unique feature of XPS 15. The resolution of this is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels or 282 pixels per inch, where as in the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro’s Retina Display the resolution is 2,880 x 1,800, so comparatively it is the 4K Ultra HD display is the best one to be utilized. If has the superb image quality and it is very much bright and colorful, also you can bring down the brightness level up to 30 percent while watching the streaming videos on BBC iPlayer.