Simple ways to recover pictures from corrupted memory card

Digital camera stores photos and videos in memory card. Digital camera supports various memory cards like SD, MiniSD, MMC, Smart media card, and XD picture card formats. You can make use of best memory card based on the brands of your camera that you use. Sometimes, you may come across some scenarios where some of your memorable photos may get lost or deleted by using format option in your digital camera. If you done formatting of your digital camera, then no need to worry, because formatting does not remove the data permanently from memory card. The deleted data will still be present on memory card; only link pointing towards the stored location of data just gets deleted making the data inaccessible. So, you can easily recover lost or deleted photos only if the space is not overwritten by any new data. You can make use of third party tool like photo recovery software to recover your lost or deleted photos.

Sometimes memory card where you store important pictures may be prone to corruption due to various reasons. So to recover pictures from corrupted memory card you can also make use of good photo recovery software. The most common reason is accidental usage of delete all button in digital camera resulting in photo loss. Sometimes, file system corruption may also result in picture loss. Because, when you capture a picture from the digital camera it stores in memory card. File system of memory card usually contains pointers, which points to a location where your pictures are stored. In this case, if the file system gets corrupted then it does not allow you to access the data on memory card resulting in picture loss. In some cases, formatting of digital camera’s memory card in computer may also lead to picture loss. Because, when you format your memory card in the computer it will reconfigure the file system by erasing all data. When you use start using the memory card, it will show an error message indicating that file system does not support which may result in data loss.

If you want to increase the likelihood of recovery, you should not save any new data onto the memory card. You should not use same memory card in other digital cameras because the different digital camera may support different file system. Usually creating backup of your memorable photo is good method to avoid such problems. If you don’t have proper backup of your memorable pictures then don’t worry because, you can still recover those pictures easily from digital camera photo recovery software.

Remo Recover (Mac) – Media Edition is a the best recovery software, which will help you to recover pictures, videos and music files which are deleted, lost  or even accidentally formatted and  also from corrupted memory cards. If you don’t know the exact location of file, which contains pictures then this software will help you to find the location of that file based on its name, size, type and date. After recovering the file you can easily arrange them in proper order based on their name, size, type and date. Once you have recovered your file, you can also compress it to reduce disk space.  You can also download the trial version  and check for recovery results.