Software to restore data on Mac OS X

Macintosh OS is the one that is solely compatible on Apple products like Apple personal computers, Apple Laptops, iMac, MacBook, iBook, iPad, iPod, etc. The storage devices applied to these gadgets store all kinds of data. The Mac data on various storage devices like hard drives (both internal and external), memory cards, USB drives, etc are of numerous types. And data can easily be lost from all of these memory cards.

MOV files really are a form of video file that are supported on QuickTime media player which is a media player on Mac. This QuickTime was introduced by Apple Inc just for Mac systems. Think about a scenario that you downloaded an incredibly large MOV file from online and through the task the internet connectivity went abrupt. Thus the file became corrupt due to the error that occurred. Hence the file failed to open when attempted to open. In such situations the top option is to correct the corrupt MOV file and recover the file data using any third party software having simple process. So to fix your problem try Mac lost file recovery software.

Some of the scenarios can be mentioned here that creates file corruption or losing of the file on Mac:

  • Accidental deletion – When you delete any file like MOV from Mac system using command + shift + delete, the file is going to be completely lost because it bypasses Trash. 
  • Emptying Trash on Mac – When you empty the Trash, the files which are stored in the Trash is going to be permanently deleted. So, if you empty Trash files without checking if you need it for any further use then the files get lost.
  • Volume deletion – While deleting any volumes to enhance the usability from your hard drive in case you wrongly deleted various other volume rather than the one that needs to be deleted, thereby complete volume details are lost. 
  • Deleting files from external storage devices – If you connect any external drives to the system and delete any files from that, the deleted files cannot be restored from Trash because these files will bypass Trash and gets permanently deleted. 
  • Due to CRC errors- If there are bad sectors on the hard drive and if any file like MOV is been stored there, then the file becomes corrupt and therefore can’t be opened.
  • Failure with the media player- While accessing MOV file in QuickTime player, sudden failure of the player may sometimes damage the file. As a result the file gets corrupt, and do not respond to the commands.

In all such situations to recover MOV files Mac try to use Mac lost file recovery that will restore any lost data on Mac. You can easily go through the popular features of the program here:

  • • Repairs MOV and also other videos which might be corrupt because of virus attack, CRC errors and improper file transfer.

• Easily restores lost and deleted hard disk data on Mac OS X.
• Effective recovery of MOV files with the help of  unique/ RAW signature search option.
• Formatted hard drive or volume data could be restored completely.
• Makes the corrupt MOV files to experience again in QuickTime player.
• Recovers emptied Trash documents on Mac systems without difficulty.

The program uses advanced scanning process in recovering lost data. It separately extracts video and audio streams by identifying its unique signature and after that produces a new playable video file. Here it is possible to download the trial version of the program and experience the recovery efficiency of the software then you can purchase the actual software.