Tool to Retrieve Erased Folders on Mac OS X

Mac computer are widely used all over the world due to its advanced features and the services offered by them. Mac operating system is mainly designed and developed to consider the needs of individuals for their personal as well as professional use. Mac OS X stores digital information in form of files on its hard drives. For manipulating and organizing data on the hard drive Mac OS uses different files system architectures like HFS, HFS+, HFSX, etc. Mac OS X sets authorization automatically for controlling disks as along with its folders and files.

It is also true that Mac operating system user’s encounter with common problems that will remove folders saved on the computer hard disk. But several times, Mac OS users mistakenly erase folders and suffers major data loss situation. Let us get to know some common scenarios in which users face loss of folders on Mac computer due to its deletion:

  • Accidentally deleting folders from Trash: When deleting folders from Trash, there are certain times, where you might delete useful folders instead of other unnecessary folders and files.
  • Deleting folders from externally connected storage device: Folders get permanently removed when you delete them from external hard disk, memory card, pen drive, etc. connected on Mac computer.
  • Deleting folder by using command: Pressing the combination of keys command+ delete will empty Trash folder without giving any confirmation message is another cause for folder deletion.
  • Some other reasons: Using third party software on Mac computer, by chance deleting wrong volume while trying to create new volume, formatting any volume of Mac hard drive, etc, may delete important folders from Macintosh system and causes folder loss

How to get back folders you erased on Macintosh system?

Whenever folders are removed by mistake on Mac OS X systems, it’s not actually permanently erased from the Mac volume; user can recover deleted folders from Mac volume unless it is overwritten with new files. One way to recover deleted folders is by going to Time Machine application on your Mac computer that holds all recently modified folder and files. So, if you have accidentally deleted folders then you can just recover back the folders with the help of this application. If this option does not fetch fruitful results, then try using reputed erased folder recovery utility exclusively available Mac folder recovery.

Best utility to recover removed folders on Mac OS:

One of the best utility to recover deleted folders on Mac OS X is Recover Deleted Folders software. This application uses read-only feature to recover deleted folders on Mac OS X i.e. without changing the file contents of the source file, it creates a new healthy file. It has the capability to restore all the folders erased or emptied from Mac Trash. You can use this utility to restore delete folders from various Mac operating systems such as Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion.

Steps to recover deleted folders on Mac OS X:

  • Download this tool in your system to recover deleted folders on Mac OS X.
  • Set up and run the application by following the instructions.
  • In the main application screen, select on “Deleted File Recovery” to proceed.
  • Next, select the drive from which folders were deleted and click “Next”.
  • The tool starts to scan entire drive to find erased files.
  • After complete scan, the application provides list of all restorable folders from Macintosh hard drive.
  • Preview the file contents using different types of view i.e. Data view or File type view.
  • Else, select the folders that have to be restored, give new location and click “Save” button.