Use Microsoft Outlook Repair Tool to Fix PST File

Does your Microsoft Outlook PST file have got corrupted or damaged? Do you need help in fixing the PST file? Are you seeking for a reliable Microsoft Outlook repair tool? Then simply don’t worry and refer this page to know about PST file data loss cause and the method of fixing it with reliable tool.

Microsoft PST repair toolPST file is a container file in Microsoft Outlook used for saving the mails and other information’s on it. It is abbreviated as “personal storage Table”. PST is file created on, saving mails, information, messages, and other Outlook data.  Some of the very import point to be remembered on saving PST file is, Microsoft Outlook 2003 has a PST file size limit of 2GB. But, latest versions of Outlook have increased in size limit by 50GB. However, sometimes you may experience some corruption or damage of these PST files at some levels due to various causes.

At that time, if you think weather I can fix my corrupted / damaged Outlook PST file. The answer would be always “yes “. Of course you can repair Outlook PST file with a reliable malware free program like “Microsoft PST Repair Tool”. This utility never affects your corrupted or damaged PST file. Such that it takes “image” of the original file and repairs the copy of the original corrupted PST file. By now you might have a got confidence to fix your PST file. But, before knowing about the software. Let us look on to the causes for corruption of PST file.

Some of the reasons for PST file corruption / damage:

  • Oversize of PST file: There is a particular size limit for each versions Outlook PST file. Suppose, if the size of the PST file exceeded than the particular size limit. Then the PST file might get corrupt.
  • Software upgrade: Ensure that you take proper backup of your PST file, before updating the Outlook. Because there are lot of chances that your PST files may get damaged during updating of the Outlook.
  • Improper termination of Outlook application: Your PST file is a huge file in terms of volume, suppose if you close the application without following the mentioned saving procedure the PST file. It may result in corrupting the file. Sometimes, you may also terminate the application by improper shutdown of computer or abruptly close the program. This may be the main reason behind PST file corruption.
  • Other reasons: Various other reasons like bad sector, hard disk failure, OS crash etc. also lead to damaging the PST file.

 Features of the software:

  • Microsoft PST repair tool utility fixes PST files on Supported versions of Outlook like. Outlook-2003, Outlook-2000, Outlook-2007 and Outlok-2010.
  • This application has been identified and recommended by many industrial experts to repair PST file.
  • Oversized   PST file can be easily fixed using this application.
  • Apart from that you can even repair password protected PST file and also by using this application you can even recover email, messages, deleted items from Outlook in an ease.
  • This tool has powerful features. Which can repair your entire Outlook data file no matter what the might be the corruption scenarios.